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"Kandi has handled my bookkeeping for several years and has been a great asset to my company. She is dependable, accurate, and understands the needs of my business. I know I can come to her with any accounting questions and she will have the best interest of my company in mind. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to organize and grow their company." James Perry- Owner -Optimum Trucking

“I was so impressed with Kandi’s work for a client of ours that I asked her to provide bookkeeping and CFO services for our firm.  I have been even more impressed in the four years Kandi has serviced The Tenney Group.  The  loyalty, trust and confidence  Kandi provides is a gift we treasure.”  Charles A. Tenney, Senior Managing Partner, The Tenney Group, Arlington Texas

"Kandi has been wonderful!  We came to her because of her tax auditing experience, and she has proven time and time again we made the right choice!  The 1st year she took over our books, our CPA said that everything was much simpler for him to understand, and everything was organized as it should be.  She is truly an asset to any company!!"  Rebecca Clawson, Owner, Clawson Trucking, LLC

"I honestly do not know what I would've done without Kandi.  I was 3 years behind in my bookkeeping, and filing my taxes.  I brought in all my invoices, bank statements, check stub, etc., and Kandi was able to get my company back on track.  On top of getting my books organized, she assisted with an IRS audit that resulted in a refund of $27K!  She is very good at what she does, and is great to have in your corner!  Richard Noles - Owner - Avalon Sales Authority"

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